Since 2005 the Portland Firefighters Children's Burn Foundation has hosted a winter peer support camp for Burn Survivors ages 10-18. Fire & Ice Winter Camp is geared towards children burn survivors so that they can interact with their peers who have been through a similar traumatic event in their life. The camp has grown exponentially since the first season in 2005 from 4 kids to current numbers of 37. These kids are brought to Maine and partake in Maine winter fun. From skiing, to Ice skating to snow tubing and Winter beach rides on horses. We have had campers come from as far away as Texas and Wyoming just to attend our camp. One of the most amazing parts about this camp is that it is put on at no cost to the camper or their family. The Camp is run solely on fundraising efforts by the Foundation and donations by local businesses and other firefighter burn foundations who don't host a camp. The Counselors at our camp are a mixture of Firefighters and Nurses from around New England, Washington DC, and Canada. Last year was the first year that two of our camp councilors retuned to camp after being a camper in the early years of our program. It is amazing to year after year watch these kids grow and thrive with the support of their peers and we are grateful to be able to provide the support that they need to do so. This program is just a small part of what the Portland Firefighters Children's burn Foundation is all about but it is by far one of the most gratifying programs we host both for the kids and the counselors.

Summer Camp information can be obtained from:

Connecticut Burn Care Foundation
601 Boston Post Rd.
Milford, CT 06460
(860) 684-1403

If you would like to be involved in fundraising or in other ways
you can email: