We assist with treatment expenses beyond insurance coverage, home modifications to deal with new limitations, support groups and social events with other burn survivors or family members.

We intend to be a resource for hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and fire departments that work and have contact with burn victims. If there is a need for equipment, classes, fund raising or anything else, please contact us.

We will work to establish a network of volunteers, inside and outside the Local 740 and the Fire Department, to help accomplish the Foundation’s projects.

In order to achieve it's goals, the Foundation will raise money through donations, grants and future fund-raisers. The Foundation operates strictly on a volunteer level; no salaried positions exist within the foundation.

We are always in the process of raising funds and donations are welcomed. Each year we offer to send Maine burn survivors, between the ages of 8 and 18, to Children’s Burn Camp in Connecticut.

The Portland Firefighters Children's Burn Foundation covers transportation and will make a donation in the name of the camper to Children's Burn Camp.

We will send a member to meet with you in person if you have any questions or concerns.